Happy Diwali ke totke in Hindi, Bengali, English, Telugu


Happy Diwali ke totke in Hindi, Bengali, English, Telugu for Love, Enemy & Money : On this diwali do the best totke to get your love, bring money back, paise kamane ke liye, pyar vpas paane ke liye. Totke is the thing which is considered wrong if done in wrong way. But you are doing this for your happiness then it is ok. Bengali people know that totke on Diwali can harm also, because come people leave the Diwali totke on road to send their -ve energies to other people. But my friends you can follow simple totke of diwali which are mention below to bring the hapiness in your life.

Diwali totke can bring your love back, methods are simple. You need a phitkari for this best totka of diwali.


Diwali Ke Best Totke For Love, Money, Enemy

Diwali Phitkari Totka : Bring a phitkari and follow it by calling the name of Lord. Lamxi to all the corners of your home and after this you can goto any divider of 4 lane and drop it there. This method must be secret and remember that no one must be aware that you are doing this. After placing the phitkari to the churaha you can come back to home. It will bring the happiness to your home and you will surely get your love back this year.

Note: Do not see back in any case, even when you listen the voice of any human or anything. Come back to home straightway.

If you are planning to try this totka at your home and your tried it before then share this article with your friends so that they can also get their love beak this year, and they do not get any problem in life related to money and love 🙂


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